Summer 2017


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Summer Session

BMME 201 MATLAB for Scientists and Engineers (3). Prerequisite, MATH 231; Co-requisite MATH 232. This course introduces students to problem-solving techniques using the MATLAB programming language. Fundamental computer science basics are taught as they relate to problems encountered in biomedical engineering and other scientific disciplines. Programming activities will incorporate actual data (e.g., stress/strain data and microscopy images) for relevant, real-world examples. M-Th 3-5pm. Instructor: Husseini. Course requires a laptop.


BMME 150 Introduction to Materials Science (3). Prerequisite, CHEM 102; Co-requisites, MATH 393 and PHYS 117 or 119. Focus on the materials science and processing of electronic, metallic, polymeric, ceramic, and composite materials. The electronic, optical, magnetic, and structural properties of materials are related to their applications. M-F 9:45a-11:15am. Instructor: Husseini. Course requires a laptop.


BMME 350 Electronics for Biomedical Engineers (4). Prerequisite, PHYS 117 or 119. Fundamentals of analog and digital circuit analysis and design as applied to biomedical instrumentation and measurement of biological potentials. Class will consist of lectures and problem solving of analog and digital circuits. In lab students will design, develop, and test circuits, and acquire data to a computer using LabView. M, T, Th, F 11:30am-1pm, Wednesday 11:30-2:30pm. Instructor: Donnelly. This course requires a laptop.


Summer Session II

BMME 465 Biomedical Instrumentation I (4). Prerequisites, BMME 350 and COMP 116 or BMME 201. Topics include basic electronic circuit design, analysis of medical instrumentation circuits, physiologic transducers (pressure, flow, bioelectric, temperate, and displacement). This course includes a laboratory where the student builds biomedical devices. Note, an embedded computer kit purchase is required for this course. M, T, Th, F 11:30am-1pm, Wednesday 11:30-2:30pm. Instructor: Donnelly. This course requires a laptop.


BMME 580 Microcontroller Applications I (3). Prerequisites, BIOL 252, BMME 350, and COMP 116 or BMME 201; Co-requisite, BMME 351. Introduction to digital computers for real-time processing and control of signals and systems. Programming input and output devices using C and assembly language is stressed. Case studies are used to present software design strategies for real-time laboratory systems. M, T, Th 3:15-5:50 pm. Instructor: Hubbard. This course requires a laptop.