Assistant Professor

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4208B Engineering Building III
Raleigh, NC 27695


PhD, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University
BA, Chemistry and Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania


ybrudno@ncsu.edu, ybrudno@email.unc.edu

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Regenerative Medicine
Drug Delivery, Biomaterials, Immunotherapy, Nanotechnology
Yevgeny joined the BME department in 2017. Research in his lab focuses on exploiting cutting-edge chemical, biomaterial and nanomedicine technologies to understand physiological responses during disease and regeneration and fulfill critical unmet needs in the clinic. His group will use chemical prodrug threapy, controlled drug delivery and nanomedicine to enable new forms of cancer chemotherapy and immunotherapy as well as treatment of infection and other diseases.

Yevgeny received his Bachelor's degrees in Chemistry and Biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Harvard University. As a PhD student with David Liu, he developed methods to rapidly synthesize and screen sequence-defined synthetic polymers for biological and medical application. His postdoctoral work with David Mooney centered on identifying optimal presentation kinetics for pro-angiogenic and pro-vascular maturation growth factors. Controlled release of these factors lead to improved vascularization, stromal cell recruitment and vascular remodeling. As a Fellow of the Wyss Institute, Yevgeny developed the first technology allowing for non-invasive replenishment of drug- and growth factor-releasing hydrogels and surfaces. This widely applicable method allows for repeated, local and controlled release of therapeutic factors in a wide range of diseases, with wide applicability in drug and cell delivery and regenerative medicine. Yevgeny has also been actively involved in commercializing the refillable depot technology for medical applications.