Associate Professor

Office Information:

316 Mary Ellen Jones Bldg
UNC Chapel Hill
(919) 966-3944


1992 BA Physics, DePauw University
1999,1996 PhD,MS Bioengineering, University of Colorado
2003 MS Solid Mechanics, Colorado State University
1999-2002 Post-doc Bioengineering, University of Colorado



Research and Publications:

Rehabilitation Engineering
A current interest of my research group is to study radiation therapy-induced osteoporosis in a mouse model for women with gynecological tumors. We want to test prophylactic therapies and understand the mechanisms causing a rapid activation of osteoclastic bone resorption; specifically the role of the inflammatory cytokines IL-1 and TNF_ and the bone matrix derived protein TGF_. The research requires and understanding of normal tissue radiation biology in the context of bone biology and mechanics. This work will refine our irradiation procedures to best model the X-ray dose each hip receives during radiotherapy, ensure our models are germane to the clinical condition, generate results in the context of the normal tissue radiation biology and osteoimmunology, and study of altered bone material properties via Raman spectroscopy.