Office Information:

NCSU-CVM Research Building
1060 William Moore Rive
Raleigh, NC27607
NC State University
(919) 513-6157


Ph.D., Biological Engineering, University of Georgia B.S., Pharmaceutical Engineering, Zhejiang University


ke_cheng@ncsu.edu, ke_cheng@unc.edu

Lab Site:


Research and Publications:

 Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Theory
  Biomaterials, nanomedicines, and stem cells for cardiovascular and pulmonary regeneration; Exosomes and micro-RNAs, regenerative medicine.

Ke Cheng's laboratory studies regenerative medicine by using patient-derived stem cells, biomaterials, micro-RNAs and bioengineering approaches. Translational research is a major focus of the lab. Prior to the launch of Cheng Lab at North Carolina, Dr. Cheng directed the stem cell lab for multiple human trials, including the world's first clinical trial using cardiac stem cells to treat heart attach. Currently, we are testing the following strategies to treat cardiovascular diseases: 1) purified and more potent stem cell products derived from the natural mixture of cardiac stem cells; 2) biomaterials derived from patient's own tissues; 3) micro-RNAs involved in tissue regeneration; 4) nano theranostic agents that can augment endogenous repair; 5) novel mechanisms of cell extravasation, namely angiopellosis.

*Ph.D graduate student positions are available in Prof. Cheng's lab. Applicants are expected to conduct research projects in the area of stem cell therapy and biomaterials.

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