Associate Professor

Office Information:

UNC Chapel Hill
521 Taylor Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
(919) 843-5154


1984, B.A. Aquatic Biology, University of California at Santa Barbara 1988, M.S. Environmental Toxicology, University of California at Davis 1995, Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of California at San Francisco



Research and Publications:

Regenerative Medicine, Omic Sciences
Metabolomics, Liver Tissue Engineering, Environmental Metabolomics, in vivo NMR Spectroscopy
Lee, H, Jeffries, R.E., Tikunov, A.P., Macdonald (2016). “Chapter 13: Advanced Liver Tissue Engineering Approaches and Their Measure Of Success Using NMR/MRI” in Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Tissue Engineering, Edited by M. Kotecha, R. Magin, J. Mao. Wiley STM. New York, NY.

Tikunov, A. P., Stoskopf, M., J.M. Macdonald (2014). “Fluxomics of the Eastern oyster for environmental stress studies.” Metabolites 4:53-70. PMID: 24958387

Jeffries, R.E., Gamcsik, M.P., Keshari, K.R., Pediaditakis, P., Tikunov, A.P., Young, G., Lee, H., Watkins, P.B. and J.M. Macdonald. (2013) “Effect of Oxygen Concentration on Viability in a Fluidized-bed Bioartificial Liver Using 31P NMR Spectroscopy.” Tissue Engineering Part C. Methods. 19(2): 93-100. PMID: 22835003

Winnike, J.H., Pediaditakis, P., Wolak, J.E., McClelland, R.E., Watkins, P. and J. M. Macdonald (2012). “Stable Isotope Resolved Metabolomics of Primary Human Hepatocytes Reveals a Stressed Phenotype“. Metabolomics 8: 34-49.

Dewar, B.J., Keshari, K.R., Jeffries, R.E., Graves, L.M, and J. M. Macdonald (2010). “Metabolic assessment of a novel chronic myelogenous leukemic cell line and an imatinib resistant subline by 1H NMR spectroscopy.” Metabolomics 6:439-450 Epub on-line, March 14, 2010. PMID: 20676217