Associate Professor

Office Information:

412A Taylor Hall UNC Chapel Hill (919) 843-6076


1996: Ph.D., University of Michigan 1992: M.S., University of Michigan



Research and Publications:

Rehabilitation Engineering
Regenerative Medicine
Biomedical Instrumentation, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine
My current and future research in tissue engineering will focus on the following topics: - Automated cell culture systems (for applying controlled interventions and monitoring the resulting function) - Control of expression of adult muscle phenotype (adult myosin isoforms: fast twitch & slow twitch) - Compliant tendons (for mechanical impedance matching and the reduction of stress concentrations) - Motor unit level control of engineered skeletal muscle constructs (a collaboration with CNCT in EECS) - Nerve-muscle interface (to provide nerve-derived trophic factors and to aid in expression of adult phenotype) - Angiogenesis and perfusion (to allow large tissue cross sections).
1. Borschel G.H., Dennis, R.G., Kuzon, W.M., Contractile skeletal muscle tissue-engineered on an acellular scaffold. (Manuscript submitted to Plast Reconstr Surg). 2. Borschel G.H., Kia, K.F., Kuzon, W.M., Dennis, R.G., Mechanical properties of acellular peripheral nerve. J Surg Res 114:133-39 (2003) 3. Cederna, Kuzon, Dennis, Borschel, ... Recovery of Muscle Contractile Function Following Nerve Gap Repair With Chemically Acellularized Peripheral Nerve Grafts" Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery. May 2003 (Volume 19, Number 4). 4. Dennis, R.G., Dow, D.E., Faulkner, J.A.; "An Implantable Device for Stimulation of Denervated Muscles in Rats", Medical Engineering & Physics, 25(3), 2003, pp. 239-253. 5. Murphy, W.L., Dennis, R.G., Kileny, J., Mooney, D.J., Salt fusion: a method to improve pore interconnectivity within tissue engineering scaffolds. Tissue Engineering. 8(1) 43-52, 2002.