Associate Professor

Office Information:

Mary Ellen Jones 9004A UNC Chapel Hill (919) 843-6076


1996: Ph.D., University of Michigan 1992: M.S., University of Michigan



Research and Publications:

Rehabilitation Engineering
Regenerative Medicine
Biomedical Instrumentation, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine
My current and future research in tissue engineering will focus on the following topics: - Automated cell culture systems (for applying controlled interventions and monitoring the resulting function) - Control of expression of adult muscle phenotype (adult myosin isoforms: fast twitch & slow twitch) - Compliant tendons (for mechanical impedance matching and the reduction of stress concentrations) - Motor unit level control of engineered skeletal muscle constructs (a collaboration with CNCT in EECS) - Nerve-muscle interface (to provide nerve-derived trophic factors and to aid in expression of adult phenotype) - Angiogenesis and perfusion (to allow large tissue cross sections).
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