Professor of Biomedical Engineering, - Radiology & Neurology

Office Information:

Research Building D UNC Chapel Hill (919) 843-8120


MS in Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 1990 PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 1993



Research and Publications:

Research Area: ¬†Biomedical Imaging Research Interests: ¬†Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Analyze Cerebral Hemodynamics & Oxygen Metabolism   Research: The main thrust of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lab in the Department of Radiology is to develop novel MR imaging methods for obtaining quantitative measurements of cerebral hemodynamics as well as oxygen metabolism. Specifically, we have been focusing on the alterations of cerebral hemodynamics and oxygen metabolism associated with cerebrovascular disease via both animal models and patient studies. In addition, the utilization of MR imaging methods to investigate how the brain works (functional MRI) in both normal volunteers as well as patients is also focused.  

Selected Publications: 1. W Lin, RP Paczynski, R Venkatesan, YY He, WJ Powers, CY Hsu, EM Haacke Quantitative regional brain water measurement with magnetic resonance imaging in a focal ischemia model. MRM, 1997; 38:303-310.

2. K Kuppusamy, W Lin, EM Haacke. Statistical assessment of cross-correlation and variance methods and the importance of electro-cardiogram gating in functional magnetic resonance imaging. MRI, 1997; 15:169-181.

3. W Lin, DJ Abendschein, EM Haacke, Contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography of carotid artery wall in pigs. JMRI, 1997; 7:183-190.

4. K Kuppusamy, W Lin, G Cizek, EM Haacke A quantitative assessment of in vivo regional cerebral blood volume using high resolution 3D T1 weighted pre and post injection of a contrast agent. Radiology, 1996; 201:106-112.

5. W Lin, K. Kuppusamy, EM Haacke, H Burton. Functional magnetic resonance imaging in human somatosensory cortex activated by touching textured surface. JMRI, 1996, 6:565-572.