Professor of Biomedical Engineering - Grant Dahlstrom Distinguished Professor

Office Information:

UNC Chapel Hill
120 E Cameron Ave
316-A Phillips Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3250
(919) 962-9606


B.S., Mathematics, University of New Orleans, May, 1972
M.S., Mathematics, University of New Orleans, December, 1973
Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Arizona, August, 1979



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Research and Publications:

Research Area: ¬†Pharmacoengineering,¬†Data Analytics & Predictive Modeling in Biology and Biomedicine  

Research Interests:¬†Data-based Analytics and Predictive Modeling in Lung biology, Molecular Cell Biology, Immunology. Pharmacoengineering  
Transport Processes in the Lung
Flow and Structure of Nano-Materials & Macromolecular Fluids (with Q. Wang, H. Zhou, R. Zhou).
Weakly Compressible Transport Phenomena (with R. McLaughlin, H. Zhou).
Solitons and Optical Fiber Applications (with K. McLaughlin, N. Kutz, O. Wright).
Inverse Problems for Material Characterization (with S. Bechtel, H. Zhou, K. Koelling).<
Modeling of Transport in Multiphase Porous Media (with R. Camassa, C. Miller, Bill Gray).
1. Dipole-induced first-order phase transitions of nano-rod monolayers, (with J. Lee,