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Paul Dayton
Paul Dayton
Associate Chair, UNC
B.S. Physics, Villanova University
B.S. Comprehensive Science, Villanova University
M.E. Electrical Engineering, The University of Virginia
Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, The University of Virginia
The Dayton lab is recruiting qualified graduate students for fall 2013 admission.
304 Taylor Hall
UNC Chapel Hill
(919) 843-9521

4012 Engineering Building III
NC State University

Biomedical Imaging
Ultrasound Contrast Imaging and Ultrasound-Mediated Therapeutics
Dr. Dayton’s research involves developing new technologies for imaging blood flow, microvasculature, and molecular markers using ultrasound and microbubble contrast agents. Several of Dr. Dayton’s recent contributions to the field include techniques to improve the sensitivity and consistency of ultrasound imaging through optimization of contrast agent size distribution, the demonstration of high-resolution, high- SNR ultra broadband imaging, and techniques for real-time molecular imaging. An additional area of interest is ultrasound-mediated therapeutics with micro and nanoparticles. Dr. Dayton’s primary interest is in developing and applying tools for non-invasive assessment of angiogenesis progression and tumor response to therapy.

The Dayton lab has positions open for qualified graduate students starting in the 2013 academic year (2012 application cycle). Current open research projects involve developing and assessing new imaging technologies for cancer research, as well as projects in image-guided therapeutics and drug delivery. You are welcome to contact Dr. Dayton with your interest and for more information, but please do not send your C.V. or other material via email. Please follow instructions on the BME website to apply.
Dr. Dayton's publications can be found on PubMed.