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Frances Ligler
Frances Ligler
Lampe Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering
1972 B.S. Biology-Chemistry, Furman University
1977 D.Phil.. Biochemistry, Oxford University
2000, D.Sc., Oxford University

2005, National Academy of Engineering, Bioengineering Section
2014, Honorary Doctorate, Agricultural University of Athens
Elected Fellow: SPIE, AIMBE, AAAS
4307 Engineering Building III
NC State University
(919) 515-1049

150A MacNider Hall
UNC Chapel Hill
(919) 843-5830

Microsystems Engineering
microfluidics, tissue on chip, optical analytical devices, biosensors, nanotechnology
Boyd, D.A., A.R. Shields, P.B. Howell, and F.S. Ligler (2013) Design and fabrication of uniquely shaped thiol-ene microfibers using a two-stage hydrodynamic focusing design. Lab Chip, DOI: 10.1039/C3LC50413A.
Verbarg, J., W. D. Plath, L.C. Shriver-Lake, P.B. Howell, J.S. Erickson, J.P. Golden, and F.S. Ligler (2013) Catch and release: Integrated system for multiplexed detection of bacteria. Anal. Chem. 85, 4944-4950.
Shriver-Lake, L.C., J.P. Golden, L. Bracaglia, and F.S. Ligler (2013) Simultaneous assay for ten bacteria and toxins in spiked clinical samples using a microflow cytometer. Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 405, 5611-5614.
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Daniele, M.A., S.H. North, J. Naciri, P.B. Howell, S.H. Foulger, F.S. Ligler, and A.A. Adams (2013) Rapid and continuous hydrodynamically controlled fabrication of biohybrid microfibers. Adv. Funct. Mater. 23, 698-704.
Shields, A.R., A.L. Thangawng, C.M. Spillmann, J. Naciri, P.B. Howell, and F.S. Ligler (2012) Hydrodynamically directed multiscale assembly of shaped polymer fibers. Soft Matter 8, 6656-6660.
Justin, G.A., A.K. Denisin, M. Nasir, L.C. Shriver-Lake, J.P. Golden, and F.S. Ligler (2012) Hydrodynamic focusing for impedance-based detection of specifically bound microparticles and cells: Implications of fluid dynamics on tunable sensitivity. Sens. Actuat. B-Chem 166-167, 386-393.
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